We offer 3 sizes for the single bowl Paw Bar dining table. We offer them Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, Mahognay and Maple. The table size are as follows:


Medium - 10.75" wide X 14.75" long

Large - 12.25" wide X 16.25" long

XLarge - 13.5" wide X 17.5" long


All tables will include a "Paw" inlay.

Bowls are also included.


The Paw Bar tables feature a solid hardwood top that are 1 1/2” thick, square legs, table skirts and floor levelers with pads. This away your Paw Bar will sit flat on your floor. Our tables are designed, so that our tables heights are adjustable to accommodate the correct height of your dog. Our table legs start at  2" and go to 24". (See below for calculating the correct height for you dog.) When you receive your Paw Bar you will have a custom  table to fit your dog.   Our products are coated in the highest quality natural finish, Odie's Oil. Which is often used in finishing counter tops. Odie's Oil is food safe, and pet friendly. The finish is also water resistant, so water will not harm the product. That being said, standing water that is left on the top for an excessive amount of time has the chance to cause a water spot. The water spot is only on the finish and will not harm the wood itself.

With the Paw Bar elevated feeder we will exchange the legs for your table if the height is not suitable when you receive your Paw Bar. All you pay is to ship your legs back to us and we will pay the return shipping of  the new legs.


Determining Bowl Height

If your vet recommends an elevated feeder, you'll need to figure out how high to make it. There's an easy formula, but it only gets you an approximate height. If you don't mind the extra cost, get an adjustable product so you can tweak it to get it just right; otherwise, pick a feeder that's slightly lower than your estimate, as this is better than ending up with one that's a little too tall. Measure the height of your dog's withers -- the top of her shoulders -- on her front legs. Reduce that number by 7 inches and that's your estimate for how high the elevated dog bowl should be. It should come to the bottom of her chest and she should be able to clean it out without stretching, squatting, bending her legs, straining or weirdly positioning herself.

The Paw Bar - Single Bowl

Table Leg Height
Table Size

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