Welcome to our Spiral Table Collection.


We have developed this collection over several months.  We have tested a few differenet resins to see which would work best with the species of wood that we are offering and yet verstle enough for us to add wood species as the collection grows.  

We will apply 4 coats of finish to the table. We apply 2 coats of OSMO 1101 and 2 coats of OSMO 3043.


These tables are made to order. The production time on the tables is approximately 6 - 8 weeks. Preparing the wood for the resin take about 2 days.  Once the resin is poured, it take two weeks before we can move on the the next step of sanding. We use a slow curing resin to assure that bubbles and overheating of the resin do not become an issue. Then we begin sanding and sanding and more sanding, both side. To apply all four coats of finish will take approximaltey 7 - 10 days. Prior to packaging the table we will make sure the finish has cured properly to assure finish is perfect upon arrival.


The size of each Spiral Table is 24" X 24" and 1.5".


You will be able to pick from over 40 different metallic pigments. You will be able to pick from 12 differenet colors of Hairpin Legs, 3-Rod Design. We are including 15" legs with the tables.  


At the current time we will offer the following wood species:


Black Walnut




Purple Heart



Once the resin and been poured within the wood the orders are non cancelable. We will wait 3 days prior to pouring the color  that has been selected. If you are not sure of the color that you have chosen we will gladly do a small sample pour to giv eyou a general idea of the color that you have selected.


Spiral Table Collection

Wood Species

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