This hand turned Snakewood plate is approximately 12" inch wide. The wood grain in the piece is remarkable.  Snakewood the second mostly compicated wood that I have ever turned.  The piece is finished with walnut oil. This will be shipped to you in a gift box with plate inside a soft Muslin Cotton bag. 

All of our bowl are hand turned and are one of a kind. 


You also be able to customize a gift tag, should htis be a gift.



Snakewood is an exotic wood known technically as piratinera guianensis, snakewood comes from a small, relatively rare tree found in the forests of Central and South America. Initially deep red in color, snakewood changes its stripes (so to speak) upon being exposed to air, which makes the wood eventually turn reddish brown. An extremely dense hardwood, snakewood can be somewhat challenging to work with. It splits fairly easily and tends to be splintery. It's also hard to cut and drill. The bright side is that snake wood turns well and polishes beautifully. Snakewood is generally sold in small blanks and is best used in making items such as bowls, vases, knife handles, pool-cue butts, etc.

Hand Turned SnakeWood Plate


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