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We are a small woodworking shop located in Rosenberg, Texas.

Our business started in 2014 in our 400 square foot 2-car garage with a single Nova Lathe. In 2015, we added our first Laguna CNC machine, and by the end of 2015 we added our second Laguna CNC machine.  We had the other standard woodworking tools, table saw, planer, and sander.  Needless to say, the garage had become very full. It seemed as if we spent more time moving things around just to be able to work than actually woodworking. We decided to get a large space -- and what a relief that was! We added a third Laguna CNC machine, as well as other industrial equipment to run our shop.

In 2019 we upgraded our shop to include a showroom and space to offer classes for those who have an interest in woodworking and epoxies.

We believe in sanding as high as possible. Many shops will only sand to 150 - 180 grit. That is all the finish they will allow. Sanding higher will cause the finish they use to fail over time. The money that is paid for custom woodworking deserves to be sanded higher than 180 grit. We believe in using quality finishes like Odie's Oil. With Odie's Oil, we can sand as high as we want. We stand behind our craftsmanship.

We offer CNC production work, slab flatting, wide-belt sanding, countertops, customs table, epoxy river tables, and laser etching. We also sell slabs and 8/4 lumber.

Carpenter's Workshop
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